Belzec - Monetary Gains


Gold teeth and dental work were extracted from victims’
mouth by the death brigade in Belzec Death Camp

Confiscation Procedure

Economical Gains

In February 1943 Oswald Pohl from the Economic Ministry of the Reich, reported the following items received by his ministry in the year 1942. These items were collected from victims of Operation Reinhard as well as from Auschwitz, however during that year the majority of the killing was done in Operation Reinhard’s death camp therefore this report reflect mainly items of the victims from the General Government. The report indicated the following items:


Victims took off their shoes and piled them up
before they were processed for gassing in Belzec

In spite of the strict orders in regard to the process of confiscation of Jewish valuables and belongings not all the mentioned items made it to the designated authorities and organizations.